How long must I keep my old records?
Federal and Provincial Governments each have requirements that are industry specific, see industry info links (then click to sites). Generally most records are kept for 7 years, however some vital records are kept permanently. These would include titles, leases, and wills, to name a few.

What is a standard file box?
Industry standard file boxes hold legal paper in one direction and letter size in the other direction. These file boxes measure 10x12x15 inches. This size of box is easy to handle and transport.

What is a BANKERS BOX®?
Wider and nearly twice as long as standard file boxes, these are more difficult to handle and transport, and cost more for storage. Ask us if you have questions regarding other sized boxes and cartons.

Can you do the packing for me?
Yes, and in a hurry if need be. We also index the contents of your boxes.

What is certified destruction?
When your cartons and contents are no longer required and you wish to permanently dispose of them, you may require certified destruction. This sees your cartons shredded by a licensed and bonded company under our supervision with a certificate of destruction upon completion. Contact one of information specialists for further information, including alternative methods of disposal.

How quickly can you deliver?
Standard delivery by our courteous drivers can occur on the same day if you call before 10AM. PM requests are delivered the following morning. We offer a Rush service with delivery in 120 minutes or less.

How secure are my records at AB Record Management?
AB Record Management maintains their own file storage vaults in company owned buildings. These are highly controlled and monitored facilities with limited access.

Do you provide a file listing of my records?
You should know the contents of each of your file boxes, or we can index for you. You are provided an excel document for easy reference and updates.

What if I need files on a weekend or holiday?
Delivery is always available for your emergency requirements.

What are the steps to get started?
Contact one of our information specialists by email, fax or telephone with your questions and requirements.